The L.A. Dodgers Lost to a AAA Farm Team?

The Indianapolis Indians beat the LA Dodgers last year.  Kinda.  And close enough for us.  Scott McCauley, the AAA Indians announcer has a great post about a sad, snow covered Indianapolis, but more importantly Scott takes a look back at the lineup from September 27th. 

It was a big series for L.A.  they were expected to blow through the Pirates and clinch their place in the playoffs.  But it didn’t turn out that way.  And for a few games in a dreadful season, the Pirates impressed.  On September 27,  the Pittsburgh Pirates took down LA with  lineup full of recent Pirates who played at AAA Indianapolis.   In fact, seven of the eight position players in the lineup that day played at least 39 games in 2009 at AAA Indy.  Add in the starting pitcher Daniel McCutchen who made 24 starts for the AAA club last season. 

The one player who blew a perfect nine-for-nine?  Thirdbaseman Andy LaRoche was in the lineup.

Our post at Rumbunter was weak, but our recap of the Sep 28 game is here.  

28SEP2009  PITTSBURGH  After an impressive comeback against the Dodgers in the ninth inning yesterday, the Pirates went out today and took the series.  The 11-1 victory was the sledge hammer version.  Double digit hits by the team, impressive defensive, numerous Bucs with multiple hit games. 

The Bucs jumped all over the Dodgers and after 5 innings the Bucs had a 7-0 lead. Andy LaRoche feasted on the team that gave up on him.  LaRoche was 5-5 with a couple of doubles (25, 26), his 11th and 12th HRs of the year and a single. (Laroche is .356/.387/.695/1.082 in his past 16 games). 

Note to Dodgers brass:  Thanks for 3B LaRoche.

Heh L.A., you might want to get some new bubbly in San Diego.  Hell, that stuff has been on ice for days now.  Also, I am not sure it will even have enough carbonation to spray after it gets sent all the way back to the West Coast for tomorrow’s game against the Padres.  That’s some serious frequent flier miles. 

Hell, it is the Dodgers though, they probably just left the champagne in the locker room.  Kinda like how they gave the Bucs Delwyn Young.

How enjoyable is it to read this article by T.J. Simers regarding the Sunday locker room drama? LA Times :

It’s the ninth inning, the Dodgers three outs from clinching the division title, broadcaster Eric Collins ready to really give it to L.A., and the Dodgers three runs ahead of the Pirates, who usually need a good week to score as many runs.

Inside the Dodgers’ clubhouse the furniture is being moved, plastic hung across the lockers to save what’s inside from the champagne party about to begin.

TV analyst Steve Lyons is there too, dropping his suit pants to put on shorts in anticipation of flying champagne.

Outside on the field, Jonathan Broxton is on the mound, as if this is fair against a team as inept as the Pirates.

Former Dodger Delwyn Young singles to right, maybe the first indication a miracle is in the making.

Another Pirates singles, but then Rafael Furcal gets the chance to turn a double play. “I do and we win,” he says later, but he doesn’t. A bad hop and bobble get only one out.

There’s another single, a bad throw, and an intentional walk of someone you’ve never heard of to get to Lastings Milledge, who is 0 for 21 against the Dodgers.

Make it 1 for 22, Milledge singling to right, the ball getting past Andre Ethier, the Pirates, the freaking Pirates, now the ones who are jumping on top of each other as if they just won a title or saved L.A. from hearing Collins’ clinching call.

Inside the Dodgers’ clubhouse they are frantically tearing down the plastic before the players trudge in, the champagne and beer on ice but out of sight.

Inept.  Twice. Same article.  One more early game here today against these inept Pirates, who will probably draw a few thousand fans, and it should be over.

Ugh.  That never happened TJ.  Screw you.

Scott’s blog is one of the best at providing insight into those future Pirates from a very cool behind the scenes perspective.  Also, if you’re into Twitter, be sure to follow Scott.  The AAA Tribe will be loaded with great stories this season. 

Oh, and Scott…it’s time to get a new Twitter background, Brian Bixler is gone my friend.

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