Carrie Underwood or Christina Aguilera: Who is the Hottest Ever to Sing National Anthem at PNC Park?

Carrie Underwood or Christina Aguilera?  Two singers with varying styles, but who does it the best while also looking the hottest?   We’re dying for the baseball season to start (you cant tell?), so we had this argument yesterday and it really needs settled. For us it came down to these two recording stars, but maybe we forgot somebody.  

Christina Aguilera is a Pittsburgh girl who brings a unique style to the song.  Carrie Underwood was the American Idol winner.  Both ladies look fantastic with a microphone in their hand.

Aguilera has sung at PNC Park and also Penguin games.  In the video below, it looks like she just wrapped up a business meeting at the Duquense Club and rolled up to the Igloo.  (We couldn’t find the footage from PNC Park, but we have witnesses. So we are going with her Penguins performance of the anthem.)

Underwood’s video from PNC Park is below.  She obviously has a more sporty look during her All-Star Game performance.  Check ‘em out let us know what you think. 

Carrie Underwood

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  • Berry

    Both women are talented but christina is the best anytime peolpe are compared she is alwaya part of it.

  • Shianna

    Christina aguilera of course she has the most amazing voice in the world the women is amazing just amazing her performaneces are always phenomenal!!

  • Katie

    Christina Shes a legend cant wait tell Bionic!!

  • Chris

    Xtina xtina xtina

  • ed

    christina without a doubt, you can’t compare anyone to chrsitna.

  • Zman

    Carrie Underwood baby. I love the fact that she sings the song with such pride and sings it the way it was meant to be sung!!! I think Christina is great but I don’t like her rendition. Carrie’s is better!!!!

  • Opry

    Definitely Carrie!

  • robin

    I don’t like the Xtina version. Too many runs. I am a purest and like the Carrie Underwood version better. Christina lost it on Free…..

  • icuf

    Carrie all the way!

  • Nanny

    Carrie Underwood! I really love her rendition. Christina’s was good but I felt more when I listened to/watched Carrie. :)

  • Irene

    Carrie was much better. She sang it the way it supposed to be sung, no fancy stuff. Great vocals.

  • John

    Carrie’s rendition was perfect!! Just try to sing along with Christina’s!! Too many riffs!!

  • Pablo Pacheco

    christina aguilera sung it way better. I love you christina aguilera

  • Vidal Rios

    They both sing lovely but I go for christina aguilera

  • Diane

    Carrie no contest. She sang it amazingly and looked amazing! :) Christina does too many runs and makes the song more about herself. I like it traditional the way Carrie did it.

  • christina

    CARRIE UNDERWOOD!!! <3 She is one of the best singers of our time

  • Emily

    Like Christina she has a great voices but I LOVE CARRIE and she has an AMAZING voices

  • Filip

    Christina! The Most Incredible Voice Of The Universe!!!

  • Trish

    Carrie Underwood is far better.

  • Jim

    Carrie Underwood is the greatest voice of this generation!

  • Lola

    Christina Aguilera all the way……
    Who ever said Carrie are stupid!

  • robin

    Nice Lola. Take 2 aspirin and go take a nap.

  • Jessica

    Carrie Underwood’s version is amazing. Although I like Christina, Carrie’s version is much better. She really put her heart and soul into it.

  • Mary

    Carrie by far! She was singing from the heart!

  • Savnna

    Christina!!! She is the Best Singer in the World.

  • Brian


  • G-man

    Once I started reading this post I couldn’t stop until I was finished, despite the fact that it wasn’t precisely what I had been searching for, was a nice read though.

  • Ofelia Procaccini

    Good news about Christina Aguilera’s world tour coming over here to Britain. I do hope Leona Lewis will appear with christina in the concert events over here.

  • Karina Cohill

    I really love Carrie Underwood’s new video – Undo It. Unbelievable that carrie was unheard of merely a few years ago.

    • mary

      Love it too! Although I love all her songs!!