Vazquez + Colonials. Let's Dance

The Pittsburgh Pirates have a reason to dance tonight.  Ramon Vazquez thinks he is out, Dejan reports today.  The Pirates really needed to have a conversation about that with a veteran player?  Did he think he had the team made and if so, where would he get that idea?  Certainly not from his performance last year.

We predicted the Pirate pitching selection last night was something that would match up well. It nearly turned out that way.

Zach Duke was cruising with two quick strikeout of the first two batters.  But then a triple over the head of Andrew McCutchen caused the wheels to fall off. Two walks later, and some singles later the Orioles became what, the fifth team in a row to score in the first inning on Pirate pitchers.

Duke gave up three first inning runs.  He allowed three walks and four hits in the inning.  Thanks Freddy Krueger.

Daniel McCutchen has been the best Pirates pitcher in the two horse battle for the fifth starter.  If he keeps burning that slider, this competition will get better much faster.  McCutchen was perfect and struck out two thanks to the slider.

Today it is Kevin Hart’s turn for the Bucs.

Here is the box score.

The rest of the pitching staff held the Orioles scoreless.  Reports had Brendan Donnelly‘s fastball at what?  WOW.  Vinnie Chulk had two more strikeouts. 

Congrats to my alma mater Robert Morris. Let’s Dance.

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