What's Up in NL Central and is Pujols the Face of Baseball?

Reds wonder child Aroldis Chapman hit 100 on the radar gun, but you knew that already.  I just caught this quote though… 

“I wasn’t trying to throw that hard,” Chapman said through an interpreter, coach Tony Fossas. “It was good to face someone other than my own teammates. I felt better than I did in the last game. I start slow and as the game goes on, I throw harder.”

Bet you didn’t know the Reds are doing their part to save the earth.  [BlogRedMachine]

Milton Bradley got a letter this week from Cubbies Crib.   Clown and cancer are used as descriptions in the letter. 

Albert Pujols and Kobe Bryant share a bond.    No, it’s not the fact that RumBunter hates them.  Nope.  Not it.  RedBirdRants can write his ass off and states the Pujols is the face of baseball.  Agree?

Check this news out about a new website FanSided is developing for you as well.  When the Call to The Pen is made, we will let you know. 

One thing nice for the Pirates is that when they call Matt Capps won’t be on the other line.  Well unless your a Nats fan.   Speaking of which, a prominent DC baseball fan predicited the Nats will be .500.  I told him to wipe the mustache off his face.

Pirates Baseball.  Make It Stop.  Where is the video?   NineMoreOuts.com is obviously making us patiently wait for the hilarity.  Once again, here is the teaser….

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