Honorable Mention: We can't make it any bigger Cap'n!

The Ten Worst Pirate Hats Ever

L.A. is coming in for the Pittsburgh Pirates opener on April 5. Everybody knows Los Angeles is a hotbed for looking good, so Pirate fans we need to look great.  Last week, we began to share how you can make that happen in the countdown to the opener post. 

But now we’re sharing with you the absolute worst combination of embroidery, wool, and the Pirates logo ever assembled.   You might need to look away from your computer screen.  We understand. 

Disclaimer:  RumBunter is in no way responsible for any sickness or nausea caused from viewing these hats.  The images are owned by lids.com, we have absolutely nothing to do with this.

Ed Hardy is everywhere.

What. Is. This?

Even black and gold can't help this lid.

Just when you thought this list was going to sputter out

Save the blueberries for your pancakes

In honor of the often overlooked quiet hero of those in the best seats on the house, we present the 59Fify MLB Backscreen. (No, that wasn't a typo)

Ah, screw it just leave it, we're behind schedule

Maybe if your six and under you can pull this off. Maybe.

The New Era 59Fifty MLB Over the Top hats. 'Over the Top' is a perfect description

Honorable Mention: The Fresh Prince of Pittsburgh


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