Alyssa Milano Puts Hooters to the Wind, Ditches Dodgers, Rocks Pirates Gear for Opener

We should have seen it coming.  Alyssa Milano probably always was a closet Pittsburgh Pirate fan.  She writes that her favorite player of all time is Roberto Clemente.  In the photo below, we found her rocking new Pirates gear.  Heh, I thought she was an LA Dodgers season ticket holder?  I do know that she always seems to get her picture taken in windy places.  It’s odd. 

Anyway, welcome aboard Alyssa!  Wait, wait…you have a Dodgers blog? Make up your mind!   I am so confused.  Go Bucs.  Enjoy the opener everyone.    Favorite quote from Milano: 


“It got to a point where every script I was being offered involved some kind of nudity. And I had to say to myself, ‘Okay, people want to see the girl from “Who’s the Boss” with her tits out.’ I had to decide between eating and doing what I love, acting, or getting a job at the Burger King. So I went hooters to the wind, and now I live in a mansion. Deal with it.”

It's those eyes that make me want that Pirates shirt.

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  • Don Buehler

    You are kidding right? She is a true Dodger fan but has her own line of clothes for all 30 teams. You can find pictures of her in any team’s clothes so there is nothing to get excited about here!

    • smitty

      Yeh, we are messing around Don. Just burning time until we head to the yard. Gotta admit she looks better in black and gold than that Dodger blue though.

  • Dan McBride

    “… hooters to the wind…” – that’s awesome

  • Frank Jenkins

    I can get over the fact that she’s a Dodger fan. If she were a Cardinal fan, it would be unforgiveable. Anyhow, I gave my own impressions of the new season at my webpage. Come and give your thoughts on it.


  • P$

    Jones is on pace for 212.

  • ticketstub

    Where did you take her hooters quote from?