Alyssa Milano Puts Hooters to the Wind, Ditches Dodgers, Rocks Pirates Gear for Opener

We should have seen it coming.  Alyssa Milano probably always was a closet Pittsburgh Pirate fan.  She writes that her favorite player of all time is Roberto Clemente.  In the photo below, we found her rocking new Pirates gear.  Heh, I thought she was an LA Dodgers season ticket holder?  I do know that she always seems to get her picture taken in windy places.  It’s odd. 

Anyway, welcome aboard Alyssa!  Wait, wait…you have a Dodgers blog? Make up your mind!   I am so confused.  Go Bucs.  Enjoy the opener everyone.    Favorite quote from Milano: 


“It got to a point where every script I was being offered involved some kind of nudity. And I had to say to myself, ‘Okay, people want to see the girl from “Who’s the Boss” with her tits out.’ I had to decide between eating and doing what I love, acting, or getting a job at the Burger King. So I went hooters to the wind, and now I live in a mansion. Deal with it.”

It's those eyes that make me want that Pirates shirt.

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