A noticeable (two minutes?) delay took place at home plate as Doumit waits to take Dukes' warmup pitches. Boos ensued. And the game was underway.

Pirates Destroy Dodgers: Pre Game Festivities Photos of Manny, Cutch...

The Pirates pre game festivities were many. Manny being Manny-crushing souvenir home run balls into the seats. Andrew McCutchen collecting more hardware. Perhaps the best was the Dodgers being introduced and as they stood on the first base line the Pirates played a promotional video. It was a captive audience. Enjoy. Game photos will be up by midnight.

In batting practice, Manny Ramirez crushed balls into the seats, the bullpen, the landscaping in centerfield.

Cutch in the awards line with Coach Garcia (r) and Coach Tom Prince (l)

The Face of the Franchise watched his highlight reel before the award presentation. It delayed the game four hours.

The Star-Spangled Banner was sung beautifully by Jackie Evancho. Best I have ever heard at PNC Park. Seriously. She is nine-years old. Remember her name.

Cutch prepares to hip bump Parrot

McMutrie fires the ceremonial first pitch

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