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You see GFJ touching home. I see a pissed off Manny, I see Blake with his hands on his hip, I see Martin begging Torree with his eyes to just come get Padilla now.

The Legend Returns. The Garrett Jones Picture Show.

Garrett Jones stole the show in the Pirates 11-5 win over the Dodgers.  He had two HR.  He had two defensive gems.   He was on the Extra Innings Show with Rocco and said how much he appreciated the crowd, oh, seventeen times by my count. So kudos to you GFJ.  Our best eight Garrett Jones photos:

GFJ had some serious focus today--with the glove.

We thought we overheard GFJ say, "it's about time to hit a bomb. Out of the yard."

PNC Park is exploding right now


We could have swore we overheard GFJ say, "I am thinking about taking this one the other way. Yeh. I am going to do that."

"I am going to take ball one from Padilla and then let me see if I can wake up Manny with a swing like this..."

oh's all coming together

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