Ladies, for under $50, you can look sweet in a large variety of sweatshirts/jackets.

Baseball Fans: Ten Great New Looks to Rock this Season [VIDEO]

Baseball season is here. Get something fresh, don’t be that person wearing your favorite players jersey–and the player isn’t on your team anymore.  Don’t be that person.  Just don’t do it.  Hang it on the wall. 

Anyway, you will be surprised to find that baseball designers have been very busy.  It’s quite an impressive collection this season. And it’s affordable.  As Neon Deon once said, ” if you look good– you feel good — if you feel good..” hell, maybe your team will play good (Deon closed the quote with ” they pay good.”)  The following is a guide to what you may, or may not want to pick up for your new spring collection.

Whatever you do, don’t take Longos’ cap:  Evan Longorias’ new commercial from New Era is here– Video.  Courtesy of Big League Stew.

Starting off with the top ten selling jerseys.  Trust us, you don’t want any of these.

Go to and check out the new tees

Ladies, vintage tees are available for every team

Just go buy it, UA hits another homerun

Be wary of double fisted Pirate fans wearing this shirt.

The only thing wrong with this prideful retro is the NIKE logo above the Pirates hat. Drop a pin on button over top of the logo supporting your favorite team to make it disappear.

Ladies, it's sunny and blue skies on Monday, so don't wear just anything as a base layer, look sharp it's opening day!

If you can find a classic hat from your favorite team (Cooperstown Classic has most of them) wear it with pride. Here we have a fitted '71 Old Gold. It's a classic and that is always stylish.

By far the coolest shirt we've seen this year

Great shirt, available for your favorite team, just ignore the poorly placed Nike logo.

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