Sorry. Charlie. Morton Drilled. Again.

Charlie. That was sad.  The ERA has jumped to 16.55. 

In the fifth, Aki Iwamura played like a slow pitch softball player. Hell, even most slow pitch players know when there are two outs. Ugh. I am thinking the Pirates need to play with a slow pitch softball mentality when Morton is on the mound. It was 8-0 Brewers after five innings.

Here is a softball warmup video from Joe Sports Fan for all those players, like myself, that have no idea where they left their glove over the winter. Heh, it just hit me. We won the title last year. I distinctly remember throwing it into the sky, maybe it never came down. I did drink heavily that day. I did eat some dogs too…I need to hire a glove manager this year.

D.J. Carrasco looks like the best option we have.  Jake called for this on March 16. 

Andrew McCutchen and Lastings Milledge had back-to-back doubles to put the Pirates on the board.  The final was 8-1 Brewers.

I can’t give a proper post tonight gang. Like the Pirates pitching, I have failed you.

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