Mama Said Knock You Out: Bucs KO'd 11-4

Albert Pujols didn’t drive in a run. Matt Holliday didn’t drive in a run. Hell, Holliday didn’t even play. Pujols didn’t have an extra base hit. In the series. In the series Pujols was held without an extra base hit! Sounds like the Bucs took the game?  No.  The series? No.

The Cards offensive who in the last six games were blanked twice, scored one run once, and two runs twice, broke out of their funk.  A revamped lineup put together a four-run inning. And a five run inning. A Cardinals 11-4 blowout ensued and the Cards never hit a ball out of PNC Park.

Key to the Game: The Cards finally showed patience at the plate, (ahem,) or maybe not. Either way, the Pittsburgh Pirates won’t win many ballgames this season when they walk eight.  Yes, eight Cards were given free passes for Mothers Day.

The Cardinals raised their record to 52-26 at PNC Park. Nobody is better than the Cards at America’s Best Ballpark. The Pirates had opportunities to actually win this series as the Cardinals offense was on the skids. Good teams capitalize on such opportunities. The Bucs didn’t. Mother…

Adam Wainwright was Adam Wainwright, exactly who we thought he was. Cue the rant. Wainright worked six innings. The Cardinals defense was phenomenal. Ryan Ludwick made plays all over the diamond.

The Pirates defense was the Pirates defense. LaRoche and Milledge dazzled the Pirates faithful.  It was an odd game. Paul Maholm puked.  We don’t see that often.  You get the point.  Heh, we have to run…important information to gather for you in our videos of the week.

The Box Score from Sunday


What a week for Pirates broadcasters.  Blown Milledge grand slam.  Blown Doumit.  I can’t even keep track, but my point is this.   I listened to the Vin Scullys’ call on the double play ball when LaRoche was gunned down from short left field by Dodgers SS Belliard.  If you listen, he never makes the call on the broadcast, until the umpire makes the call.  Guess they don’t make ‘em like Scully anymore.   I enjoy the Pirates broadcasts, but is it so hard to wait until the ump makes the call?

Here you go….Tim Neverett on Doumit/Church in the seventh inning.   “Ohhhh, he got him!”  Fail.

How it’s done…Video of Belliards double play, Mr. Vin Scully with the call on the Belliard double play.Scully explains why he waited to fans.


Tonight the Pirates are in bowling shirts.  Here is a  link to the 2009 photo gallery if you’re a fan of bowling shoes.


The Stew has the great story of the Dallas Braden perfect game. What a story it is. Braden lost his Mom when he was a senior in high school. His Grandmother was at the game and had this for A-Rod.

“Stick it.”

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