The Eyes of Pittsburgh Focus Solely Upon You Pirates, Can You Make The Pain Go Away?

That gulp you heard last night?  It was the Pirates front office realizing that much earlier than expected, there is one professional team in Pittsburgh playing a sport tomorrow. The beloved franchise in town, the Penguins, had just been upset in the Stanley Cup Playoffs effectively sending out the old, insect infested Igloo a loser.  A brand new shiny arena awaits the Penguins next season.  

Ladies and Gentleman, children of all ages…….  Your Pittsburgh Pirates!   That’s right Pittsburgh, for the first time in years, the Pirates are the lead story in mid May.  It will take a few days for the hurt to go away, but when everyone quits talking about the Penguins, all eyes and ears are going to be on the Pirates whether they like it or not.   I am curious what Bob Nutting has up his sleeve.  It’s got to be exciting for the Pirates.

I trust you are prepared Bob Nutting. You probably had meetings about this situation. I am probably worrying for nothing right?  Some in the Pirates FO might have a little smirk today, especially considering the obvious leak during PirateFest that ruined Maz’s celebration. That was a classless move by a Pens top executive.  No question. 

But I have doubts  the Bucs are prepared to turn the eyes of Pittsburgh into cash.  Bob Nutting seems pretty hands off on this stuff, so I’m curious how the phone call went last night?

I mean with your beloved cash cow Seven Springs Resort reeling, and without a Director of Sales, now there is a new challenge on your plate. I’m sure you’re not worried though, the big shots got it all under control in both businesses.  Well, your  baseball team  has the eyes of Pittsburgh fans. It’s what pro teams long for in every city.  Many of the fans are dying for some good news. Some hope. Hell, anything  to take away the burning sting of the most disappointing season in Penguins history.

You got three  choices of what you can do.  (Wasn’t that the Beastie Boys?  BTW: DJ Mike is at Cheerleaders tonight with Storm Daniels)

1.   Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re not going anywhere this season with the Bucs or The Springs anyway.  Don’t stress man. Its all good.  Let it roll.

2.  Call a press conference. Blow some people away.  Get that PR machine in motion.  Announce the sale.  Cut somebody loose.  Call somebody up. 

3.  Winning Cures All.  Win some games.  Ok, that’s been tough lately.  Better just stick with one of the first two.

Good Luck with that.

The microphone is live.  All the cameras are charged up.  TV crews, FM talk shows are feverishly making changes to the plans of the next 30 days and it’s 24/7 Buccos!  Yee Haw!  

What is wrong?  You’re not feeling too good today are you Mr. Nutting?

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