Brad Lincoln Breaks Fernandez' Knees [Video]

Brad Lincoln is pitching tonight in Indianapolis.  Lincoln has pitched 62 innings and given up 50 hits. He is second in the International League in WHIP with a 1.01 (13BB). That’s impressive. We were curious why? He didn’t overly impress us when he won the Gold Medal last year.

He has allowed seven homers, three coming in his first start. But Lincoln isn’t afraid to come inside, he is second in the league in hit batters with five. Sure he is good. But what changed? Is his changeup more developed? Most say it is.

So we did some digging. We wanted to find some good video for you to enjoy.  Of course, we were able to discover some.  We just didn’t think it would be very good. It is.

Each of Lincolns starts are listed here. This is his start from May 12 against Rochester.

Cue this up if your busy and enjoy.  If you have about ten seconds, we will send you straight to the best part in our opinion.  Push it to the 4:28 mark.  Then you will rewind it about ten times.  It’s classic. 

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