Is Steve Strasburg Tightening Up?

When Andrew McCutchen strolls to the plate tonight, I think he will want to punish Steve Strasburg.  McCutchen and the rest of the Pirates owe it to themselves to relish the moment and make someone on the Nats pay the price.  Play your guts out tonight Bucs.

The Pittsburgh Pirates are expected to be the heel tonight.  I would be surprised if this circus works out for the Nats, you know, the self proclaimed/suddenly odds on favorite for the 2011 World Series–The Washington Nationals are just loaded with talent and with the entire capital behind them, The Nats are now going to roll over opponents with ease.  (Can you tell I despise the Nats?)

The Pirates organization has more than a win or loss on the line.  Tonight isn’t about Steve.  It’s about Pittsburgh’s marketing strategy.  It’s the 2011 marketing campaign video.  Beat this Steve fella and Pittsburgh will pay attention. 

Pride is important.  Whether you’re still pissed that Jason Bay got dealt doesn’t matter tonight.  Your a Pittsburgh fan.  You want this team to get this turned around regardless how you feel about Bob Nutting.  So, Pittsburgh will be watching and waiting for something much bigger to happen.  Tonight isn’t about the past 17 years, it’s simply about this Pirates team.  Each pair of yinzer eyeballs will tune in, most with hope in their hearts, but plenty of skeptism on their tongues. 

Until the Pirates start winning, it won’t change.

The Pirates played like shit again yesterday.  Whatever.  Dana Eveland?  Sigh.  Heh, it’s good to get a game like that out of the system.  Especially before heading to Washington D.C. to play the most hyped debut of a rookie athlete since well,… ever. 

We will be there early.  I am saying the Nats fans won’t be there late.  Watch closely or follow us on Twitter for pictures because we can’t guarantee a post right away.  Getting a cab out of the middle of nowhere, where Nats Park is located, is nearly impossible. 

Jeff Karstens goes for the Bucs tonight.   He isn’t the worst pitcher on the mound tonight in MLB, actually  three other MLB pitchers are  worse. 

Oh, I almost forgot.  Yeh, the headline.  Check out one of the 597 related articles about Steve.  Is Steve a little tight? 

Over the course of his final weeks with Syracuse, as speculation about his debut began to swell, Strasburg, an intense person to begin with, grew tighter and more irritable, often brushing past the hundreds of autograph seekers who gathered outside the stadium after games.

“I’ve talked about that stuff a million times,” he told reporters when asked after his final start for Syracuse to summarize what he has learned in the minors. “I’m sure you can get it on the Internet somewhere.”

It also robbed him of one of a minor leaguer’s most cherished memories.”Typically, you get the call the night before they go up there [to the majors]. The situation here is a little bit different,” he said. “So that’s one side I’ve missed out on: that total shock and surprise.”

Will Andrew McCutchen quiet the crowd at a little after 7pm tomorrow night?  I call yes.  Will Strasburg be impressive?  Sure.  But will the crowd head for the Metro early tonight?  I call yes again. 

Enjoy the game Pittsburgh.

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