Pirates, Athletics Turn Back The Clock Survival Gear

The Pirates have lost fifteen consecutive road games after last night’s crushing 14-4 loss.  The game was 5-4 with the A’s coming to bat in the seventh inning.  Seven runs later, the A’s were walking on water and the Pirates continue their infamous pursuit of the Alleghenys losing streak. 

The Athletics pounded out seventeen hits and Ben Sheets struck out nine Pirates batters in six innings.  Brad Lincoln went six innings and allowed eight hits, three earned runs and two walks.  

Neil Walker was 3-for-4 with his third home run, a double (8), and he scored twice.  He left the game after Ryan Church ran him over in a collision in foul territory.  How many collisions is Church going to be involved in during his career? 

It certainly appeared to me to look like Walker called for the ball because Garrett Jones stops running and looks at him.  Despite being 2-for-his last 15, and under the Mendoza line, Church keeps getting starts on this Pirates team.  His play in RF last night was putrid.  Walker left the field on his own power.  AP Photo by Dino Vournas below.  Video here.

The Pirates need to snap this road losing streak. Daniel McCutchen is on the mound tonight.  Earlier this season, we called him names.  Heh, that 13.5 ERA will get some names fired your way.  Perhaps he can change our perception tonight. 

The A’s will counter with the anti-McCutchen sending  Trevor Cahill to the mound.  He has a streak of his own.  He is looking for his sixth straight victory.   Since he lost to LA on May16th, he is 5-0 with an ERA of 2.62 in seven starts, one was a no decision.  Cahill is 6-2 on the season with a  3.21 ERA.  

The best way to survive a Turn-Back-The-Clock game would be with some pitching.  Could you imagine a starter like Cahill on the Pirates?  He is 22-years-old.   His coach is throwing the words All-Star game pitcher at reporters when talking about Cahills’  performance. 

 I can imgaine a starter like him. His name is  Jameson Taillon.  He was the first round pick.  And just how loud are the Hendricks brothers laughing when watching this Pirates pitching staff?    He will get massive cash, well… if he wants it.

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