For years Dale Murphy was the enemy with the Atlanta Braves. Now he smiles, signs and continues to feel bad for the Pirates.

Ron Guidry, Dale Murphy, and Lee Smith Love Hot Dogs

Lee Smith is not related to the author of this story.

Lee Smith, Dale Murphy, and Ron Guidry were the guests of honor at the American Meat Institute’s annual Hot Dog lunch in Washington DC.   Over 1500 attendees were enjoying the 100 degree heat while enjoying Cracker Jack, sucking down a few brews and stuffing an estimated 4,000 delicious  weiners, corn dogs, brats and sausages in their mouths. 

Patrick Boyle, the President of AMI, can put on a phenomenal show.  Big ups to AMI on a great day.  If you enjoy meat, it’s a great party.

Everyone was getting autographs from some of the best to have played America’s game.  There were plenty of politicians jumping line too, even former quarterback Heath Shuler was enjoying the month long celebration of the Hot Dog. 

The first place I went was to meet Dale Murphy.  He ruined my appetite and I left without enjoying a dog.  No, not really.   Murphy couldn’t have been nicer.  He greeted everyone with a smile and a handshake.  You will be surprised to know what Dale Murphy said

to us after we claimed our Pittsburgh Pirates loyalty…..

Man, we have to get the Pirates turned around!  What a great franchise they were… and they have such a fantastic ballpark……it’s a shame.

Murphy couldn’t have been a better gentleman.  His words hit home.  He meant no harm. In fact, all three players were great to speak with albeit briefly.   

Lee Smith looked like he could step on the bump tonight if he was called on to do so.

Ron Guidry looked like a player you would want in your golf foursome.

Ron Guidry has a great man tan, just keep the Dr. Peppers coming.

But it was Murphy’s words that stung long after he had signed the baseball.  It sucks to hear the immediate reaction when somebody learns that you are a Pirates fan.   Let’s trust the Pirates Youth Gone Wild continue their great play.

It would be nice for people to have a different reaction about the Bucs.  Damn, we’re looking forward to that day.

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