Pirates Development Plan = Players In Ripped And Patched Uniforms?

Most everyone who has put on a baseball uniform knows it feels special.  Really special.  There is nothing like it. It’s unforgettable.  

It’s almost as fun as realizing that you have been given a free pass to destroy those brand new white pants with the irritating elastic.  It’s every Moms nightmare.  I vividly remember turning white pants into San Diego Padres khaki by the second game.  Sorry Moms, it’s just what ballplayers do and another reason why kids love baseball. Filth is fun.

Growing up we always thought of being a big leaguer in those black and gold unis.  How great would that feel?  The joy of putting on a professional uniform is something I can’t say I could ever describe.  I really can’t.   It must be a gratifying feeling for professional players.

Aaron Baker still hit his 16th bomb even though his pants had a tear the size of a DVD on the left leg and a patch on the right.

It’s exactly that feeling that pissed us off  when we saw what the West Virginia Power players were wearing when they battled the Hagerstown Sun.  I felt embarassed being a fan.  I couldn’t imagine being one of the Power players.

Jeff Banister was rocking some sweet Pirates threads.  The players well…. just embarassing.  Someone must have been checking out this website and thought they had a good idea. 

Elevys Gonzalez has an ass cheek waiting to pop.

It’s obvious the Pirates are trying to build through the draft, they want to develop a young core of talent and use a somewhat military style to grow the players as men.  Well, someone is letting the Power players down. 

Perhaps the people in charge of  the various endeavors haven’t served this great country.    Or if they did, maybe they were Marines.  Just kidding, well sort of, but something we are not kidding about is this:  the uniform is something that should immediately instill the highest level of pride in the person wearing it. 

We are firm believers in the fact that a uniform should be as close to perfect as possible.  The condition doesn’t have to be flawless at all times, often times serviceable is fine.  But fine doesn’t cut it for most of us military types.  There are many reasons why that is the case, but I will spare you the details. 

Pirates Minor League Field Coordinator Jeff Banister visits the mound.

We don’t care who owns the Power.  We don’t care that it is the minor leagues–especially in the case of the Pittsburgh Pirates–where they give “each player a personalized development plan that is carried with him through each stop on the way to the Major Leagues.”  We don’t care about affiliations or any of those other details that you might be tempted to write in the comments.  Save your fingers.  The Pirates are connected to The Power.  So if the Power can’t fix it, someone in the Pirates organization should.  Quickly.

We believe if you want the best talent, playing at their highest level, you better make them look good.  Because there weren’t many Power players looking good.  Maybe they would play better if they felt damn good when they put on their uniforms.    Someone at the Pirates organization must feel differently.

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