Redman stretches it out as only Bowie State players can.

Can Big Ben Roethlisberger Be Better? [Photos From Latrobe]

The biggest impression we were left with on the long winding ride back from Pittsburgh Steelers training camp was can Ben Roethlisberger be better in 2010?  Of course Roethlisberger’s statistics will take a hit, and those statistics have been impressive in his six years as a starter.  In fact, Montana-eque as Dutch pointed out.  [The Dutch/Ben interview from Halloween is after the jump, and it's good stuff.] 

Roethlisberger never seemed to be too wrapped up in stats, he simply wins.  He looks better on the field.  He was laser sharp fom short to long range but the long ball could use some work of course it’s still just a bit early in camp.

The improvement is something we will keep an eye on, but my call is the Steelers QB looks scared straight.  Holy shit NFL defenses this is going to get scary.

Smaller. Smarter. Better. I haven't seen him throw this well at any training camp.

more pics after jump….

Coach Tomlin paid close attention to the Tight Ends on the sled.

We had front-row tickets to the Gun show.

We know it's rare, but here is proof that it's possible.

Isaac Redman was a monster in the backs on backers. A total turnaround for Redman in pass protection would be huge. Video

Dutch interview with Big Ben is below:

Dutch Wydo with Ben Roethlisberger from Dagger on Vimeo.

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