Overheard At The 'New' Pirates Manager Press Conference

The Baltimore Orioles hired Buck Showalter as their new manager.  Meanwhile,  a large percentage of Pirates fans are calling for the head of Pittsburgh Pirates skipper John Russell.    Even on this blog, you have made your case for Russell to be fired.  There is no question that Russell is a unique manager.  He has a style all his own.  Most people don’t like it.

Showalter had a forty minute presser yesterday and Peter Schmuckfrom the Baltimore Sun was in attendance.    Schmuck makes an excellent point about Showalters experience with the Yankees, Diamondbacks, and Rangers.   Yes he is a former AL Manager of the Year, but none of those situations are quite like Baltimore. 

A new manager in Pittsburgh is what Pirates fans are screaming for endlessly at PNC Park.  So take a look at Buck Showalter, his situation is pretty dire in Baltimore.  He made me think of the Pirates plight all day today.  The decision to hire a manager in the middle of the season is interesting and there are many reasons why it makes sense. 

Is this what Pirates fans are looking for from a manager?  Reading through the story, the answers Showalter gave didn’t impress me.  So we took the quotes from Showalter and customized them for the Pirates job.  It wasn’t easy to come up with, so would these answers work for you, or is it enough simply to turn the page and get a new boss?

Here is the quote that really stood out.  Peter Angelos is to Batlimore what Bob Nutting has become to Pittsburgh.  Give credit, I guess, to Showalter for not shying away from the situation.

“Mr. Angelos Nutting owns the team, he bought the team, he supports the team and I know the passion and energy he has for it, I am sure it has been very tough on him, knowing how competitive he is.”

The new manager has to get in a plug for the guy who at least signs the check right?  We don’t think so. 

If the Bucs ever hire a new guy, here is a tip.  Replace the name ‘Nutting’ with Pittsburgh fans.  Do it something like this, ‘The fans support the city and this team.  The fans have passion and energy.  Everyone has seen it.  We need to put a winner on the field.  I am positive it’s been tough on the fans…  I’ve talked to them before I took this job.’   He could even throw in how competitive the city of Pittsburgh is.

Definently keep the name Mel Gibson out of the press conference, which Showalter failed to do in referencing Braveheart which showed some poor timing.  Of course, the Gibson angry quotes could be used as something funny that represents the casual Pirates fans utter disgust with all things Pirates. 

“I think all competitive people like the idea of people saying it can’t be done.”

Schmuck’s last line in response to this Showalter quote was classic. 

Of course, Pirates fans have heard this quote in a slightly different context, but same message from Jack Wilson, Freddy Sanchez, oh, the list is long.  Hell, surely Ryan Doumit’s ‘….when teams play the Pirates they are going to know they were in for a dogfight….’ commercials should have been pulled after the tenth blowout.  Meanwhile, the blowout count is at 27 and the commercials are steady. 

Talk is cheap.

The Pirates fans are sick of losing.  Period.  Sure a different manager might help the Bucs, but not enough.  No way.  Not without power in the lineup or an ace on the bump.  But heh, it’s a familar quote that at least on the surface sounds cool.

Get some power.  Get some arms.  Then get a new manager.  Until the first two are taken care of, there isn’t a manager on this planet that will make the current Bucs a winner. 

“I’m not naive,”

Nope.  You’re not.  But this isn’t about you.  This is about the fans.  Baseball fans in Baltimore and Pittsburgh are proud.  The history shows a lot to be proud about in both cities.  Sooner or later, baseball managers and executives will figure it out.  I just hope I’m alive to see it.

“And it’s a challenge. It’s our challenge. It’s not the people out there who are waiting to embrace this. You’ve got to give them something to embrace you about.”

We have just one wish for you Mr. Showalter. Get those O’s ahead on this scoreboard by season’s end.


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