Finally, Searage and Snyder make it to the mound. Meek appeared to say yeh three times and then pointed toward the plate. Searage headed back to the dugout. We couldn't watch anymore. WTF

Evan Meek Is A Stud Photo Diary: Limps To The Mound, Limps On Mound, 27 Pitches Later Limps To Dugout

If you’re a diehard Pirates fan you may not want to check this out tonight.  It’s awful management at its’ finest.   Rewind your Tivo because Evan Meek had a limp before he even threw a pitch tonight. 

Back it up to the eighth inning.  You will see Zach Duke doing the Pirates commercial,  a Houston skyline, and a screenshot for Lovaza or some miracle drug.   

The six plus images  below include:  Meek taking five pimp limps to the top of the bump before a live pitch was even thrown, Meek throwing with all arm action and very little push off, a pitcher grimacing in obvious pain while continually flexing his right leg.

A veteran catcher tightened his glove, which seems to be a constant habit, while his pitcher flexes his right leg, some horrid shots of trainers grimacing around the Pirates brain trust, and eventually a visit to the mound by pitching coach Ray Searage who apparently asked three yes/no questions to which Meek responded yes to each one it appeared.

Meek was left to rot. A slider was hung to Carlos Lee, who promptly deposited it into the Crawford Boxes, and the Pirates lead was gone. Meek was still left on the mound while finally Ledezma was given word to warm up.


Evan Meek took five steps before he took the mound to throw his first pitch Friday night. It's evident he is limping before he throws his first pitch.

Meek showing very visible signs his right foot is bothering him as he appears to try to shake it out


Is there anything difficult to understand in this picture? Although it appears to be true, no one legged races occur on the pitching mound.

After receiving the throw from catcher Chris Snyder, Meek grimaced in pain.

Meek continues to suck up the pain after sprinting to first to cover the bag.

Pirates trainers attempt to not look guilty.

Obviously the entire braintrust realized Meek is hurting, but still nobody went to visit the mound.

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*Heh, it’s bad, but it’s not this bad…what teams have lost 80 games in the first 115 games of the season.

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