Pirates Look For First Of Two Possible Victories In Texas


The Pittsburgh Pirates are hours away from getting their first victory in Texas–his name is Jameson Taillon.  In the meantime, the ML club will try for their first victory in the belt buckle state.  The Pirates haven’t won against the Astros or Ranger all season. 

This time a week ago, the buzz was the firing of Joe Kerrigan and Gary Varsho for “loyalty” issues.  Perhaps loyalty is overrated because the Pirates haven’t won a game since.  The move was thought to make John Russell more confident.  Sorry, we just haven’t seen it.  In fact, we think it’s been worse. 

The players have continued to throw to the wrong base putting runners into scoring positions, failed to make basic decisions on the basepaths, and have presumably been told to pitch while they aren’t healthy.  It burns me up.  It pisses me off.  We really think this club should be playing better. 

One question I have is this, how has the Pirates defense suddenly become one of the worst in baseball after being so solid last season?    Is it the coaching?  We think the players must not be working as hard as they have in the past.   When a player’s defensive performance returns to levels prior to Perry Hill’s arrival, we feel it’s safe to look at Hill as being one fantastic coach.  Carlos Garcia, eh, not yet.

Speaking of pushing and maintaining a plan that would help the players improve, what does the comment we bolded below mean?  From Chuck Finder at the PG:

Now, Searage added, “I’m starting to feel comfortable hanging out with the guys. I’m trying to build a bond with the starters.” They seem to be adjusting as well to Searage, who encourages them to follow their own between-start workout programs and discuss openly ideas or suggestions.

Please don’t mistake our comments for knowing how to run a ML ball club.  We don’t have a freakin clue.   But we certainly think fundamentals are one thing that can continually be worked on.  Sitautional drils.  A consistent workout plan.  A specific workout plan for each and every pitcher–that shouldn’t be too much to ask for God’s sake.

When the shitty articles looking back at 18 years of losing start coming out soon, often times we defend the Pirates current regime.  It’s the right thing to do, but when a basic set of funadmental skills is lacking in a player, we look at the players.  Perhaps they aren’t quite talented enough.  When one sees that, isn’t it a reason to believe that extraordinary coaching is needed to make those small improvements necessary to becoming an average, or above average ML player?

Jeff Karstens has thrown 92.1 innings, allowing 43 earned runs in his sixteen starts this season.  Check this out, Karstens has been charged with two earned runs or less in nine of those starts this season. 

Lefthander J.A. Happ will be on the mound for the space cadets today.

*Chris Resop looked strong last night.  We really like how he snaps his head quickly to keep runners close, it was evident last night especially when an Astros runner was on second base.  Sort of like that look that Mom used to give you.  Keep an eye out for it.

*We mentioned that we heard Allie would be the easier one…

*Softball playoffs tonight, might not have many updates.  Check Twitter

*The lineup remains basically entact, with Jeff Clement (2-for-4 yesterday) and Ryan Doumit back on the bench.  Clement hits lefties well too. 

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