What A Wild Week For The Pittsburgh Pirates

Well that was a wild week.  The Pittsburgh Pirates believed they could get some of the best amateur pitching in the country.  The club writes two checks and two flame throwing teenagers leave college full rides on the table for dreams of playing in PNC Park.  Then the wild card came along and the Pittsburgh Baseball Club outbid and out worked Major League baseball’s most storied franchises for the rights to Luis Heredia, the Mexican 16-year old phenom.  No, it’s not the latest movie being shot in Pittsburgh, it’s the real deal.  The Bucs did it. 

Then just for good measure Zach Duke went out and pitched his tail off and Lastings Milledge hit a home run.  And then just about the time the ball club was wrapping up their one victory per week, Bob Nutting opened up the “books.”

The veil of secrecy surrounding Nutting and the millions he is wiping his behind with each night is history.    

Take all that shit to the water cooler today Pirates fans.

So what the hell is next?  A sweep of the Cardinals?  A fifteen game winning streak?  A no-hitter for a Pirates pitcher?  Or does Nutting shock the world and pull $95 million out of his desk drawer and make the cover of Money Hoarders

Yeh, probably not, that would make a helluva movie though, so I will be satisfied as hell and go to bed, because I can’t think of a better week in Pittsburgh Pirates baseball in 18 years. 

AP story–Apart from the financial statements, the AP obtained a check stub of a payment made from a Pirates account to settle a bill with Seven Springs ski resort, which is owned by the Nutting family. The check bore a Pirates logo, which at first look suggests a financial transaction between the two operations, but the team says it came from a since-closed joint advertising account.

“I can tell you for certain there has not been a dime that has left the Pirates organization to fund any other business of any of the partners of the Pirates,” Coonelly said.

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