Brandon Moss Sounds Energized...To Head To Georgia

Have we seen enough of Lastings Milledge yet in RF?

Brandon Moss had an awful spring training.  His season at Indy got off to a rough start and he has since put up some nice power numbers.  Moss is a player that might have been worth a look a few weeks ago, but off course a move would need to be made as he isn’t on the 40-man. 

Moss had an interview this week and we highlight a few of his comments below.  The full interview is here with  Scott McCauley.

“I’m pretty sure the season is going to come to an end and I’m not going to be a call-up guy.  Strictly because they have to make a move and I’m not on the roster.  The Pirates have guys they envision being there a while.  They are trying (Ryan) Doumit in the outfield; they have Lastings (Milledge) and Garrett (Jones) who needs at-bats and I don’t think I’m a call-up guy because there is no room to play me.  I’m pretty sure they don’t want to call a guy up to sit and get paid.  I really envision September 6th is going to come, we are going to play our last game at Louisville and I’m going to go back home to Georgia..”— Brandon Moss

“Will I re-sign with the Pirates if I don’t get called up?  Who knows, that will be a decision I make with my agent and my family and will be decision based solely on what best for me and my family.  Everything will play out over time and I’m happy with the position I have put myself in and will go into Spring Training with the plan of winning a Major League job somewhere…”—–Brandon Moss

Moss is certainly the MVP of the Indianapolis Indians.  I’m super pumped about that.  Congratulations Brandon.  Click below for his numbers…

When looking at his production, it’s hard to understand why a player like Moss wasn’t given a shot, would it have clicked for him?  Who knows.  It would have certainly been worth a try however.  Good arm.  Average defender.  He needed to make the bat work.   He did in Indy. 

Perhaps we will never know if Moss would have been the answer for the Pirates in RF this season.  He certainly wasn’t last season when he was given the opportunity, but it sure has been fun watching Doumit and Milledge hasn’t it?

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