Oh Perry Hill Where Are You? Pirates Fall 8-7

The Pittsburgh Pirates are now inventing ways to lose. The Bucs had a 5-0 lead last evening. The Bucs made sure it didn’t last long. In a myriad of mockery to the game, this group of professionals showed that they are bound and determined to be the worst fielding team in MLB. And people are saying there won’t be a ”triple crown” winner this season.  With a few more games like this the Pirates could be worst in fielding, pitching, and hitting.

The defense missed hard hit line shots, dropped ground balls, and the ‘best fielding catcher in the league’ doesn’t like to take off his mask when catching force outs from his third baseman.  Hell, he doesn’t even take it off when he retrieves the ball at the wall!   He never takes it off.  Snyder loves his mask.

But also remember, the Mets weren’t exactly playing great baseball either.  David Wright had an easy double play ball in the top of the fourth on the bunt by Maholm with Snyder running toward second.  He elected to throw to first to get Maholm and Andrew McCutchen followed with a bloop hit into right field that allowed two Pirates to score including a hokkie pokie by Snyder.  (check out the video link below if you missed it.)

It was another night of mocking the baseball Gods, and yes, the defense is getting worse Pirates fans.   But the offense came alive!

Pedro Alvarez had his first major league triple–one of his family members was a little late to stand up because he didn’t want to spill his beer.  They will fit in great at PNC.  Good stuff.

I think Chris Snyder just realized he is playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates.  And he is not playing real well…. it’s a tough place to be in life I bet.  Snyder—what was the bunt attempt all about?  Is he trying to get sent packing?

While the team is out of town, we snapped this pic.

Heh at least Jose Tabata got a new, fresh cut.

We never did find Perry Hill, but we did find this Perry Hill is hiking the 2,175 miles of the Appalachian Trail.  Maybe that’s what I will do next August….

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