It's Been Bad For 18 Years, But Never THIS Bad

The Pirates are now 50 games under .500 for the 2010 season.  The team has 98 losses. 

Doumit is 5-for-70 at throwing at baserunners.  The Bucs are on pace to lose 109 games.  The Pirates are 6-45 on the road in the past 51 games and 15-59 for the season.

In the NL the Bucs are the worst in runs scored, worst in hits, worst in RBI, worst in OBP, worst in OPS, worst in average, worst ERA in MLB, highest WHIP, allowed the most hits and runs in MLB….let’s stop there, because….yeh, it’s bad, but


This will help….

All I got from last night is the Mets LF was hitting .029.  He hit a two-run double in the fourth to tie the game off Pirates starter Charlie Morton.  He then doubled off Pirates reliever Will Ledezema and the Mets pitcher Mike Pelfrey ripped a single off Sean Gallagher to plate Duda and give the Mets a 3-2 lead.  Yeh, it’s bad for ya.   The Mets swept the Bucs it was the first time they won more than two games in a row since mid-June. 

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  • Don

    I’m absolutely loving how much this article’s image looks like the “Doomsday Clock,” which indicates how close the world is to global disaster. So symbolic. Mad props :)

    • Tom Smith

      We’re blushing

  • John

    Tom, Carlin is a treasure. I am sure he is keeping God in stitches right now. (But then, maybe God has heard it all before?) Anyway, concerning the Pirates. Who should be the first to be “blown out”? I am no expert, but I see a bunch of good young players under some ineffective coaching and “manager-ing”. Also, I think Doumit’s arm is better suited to right field. It is painful to watch him throw from the catcher’s spot.

    • Tom Smith

      Great question John. Winning organizations invest in income producing assets. Guys who put butts in the seats. The Pirates average ticket price was $13 last week. Easily the worst in MLB. Unless gate receipts increase, the Bucs can’t invest in such assets, well they could have but they made some poor choices….guys like Aki, Crosby who were depreciating assets/players… who wants to see that? The signing of Dotel might be one of the biggest decisions the club ever made when one considers what he brought in return.

      The shit that really bothers me is all of the small mistakes. To my eye, the Pirates have many culture challenges which have to be blamed on management… like Snyder’s awful body language as he walked to the dugout after his bunt the other night. If all those coaches allow such crap, it’s a bad sign to me. (Did he get benched?) Look at the comments D.J. Carrasco made. He is a solid good character guy and if he said those things about the club, it sticks with me. That absolutely must change, and it pisses me off to see such actions.

      An answer might be what the Altoona manager has done. Is he that good? [the industry says so] Or are the players that good? [the industry doesn't say so] So how has he got those young players to buy in? Could he learn from an experienced manager in the bigs? Would he be a nice bench coach? Winners develop 5, 10 years of experience. Losers repeat one year of experience 5, 10, 18 times. I really like how Altoona has made such strides this season. That is exciting, IF it can continually be built upon like winners do…

      Winners have a massive self-imposed responsiblity to continually push harder to improve everything around them.

      Losers feel comfortable operating within or below their self-imposed ceilings–which is what I feel the Pirates have going on right now especially when they use the ‘small market’ as an excuse for their challenges. Or when the manager feels insecure and fires his pitching coach and bench coach–that’s strange to me. John, there are many challenges but if it were me…those are some of the things I would consider when making changes. To me it adds up to the men in the dugout and out in the bullpen.