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Photos: Steelers QB Jerseys Are All The Rage At Heinz Field

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a decision to make this week at th QB position. Who the hell is going to be lined up behind Pouncey for that first snap?  It will fuel the talk shows all week.  We like the idea of letting Charlie Batch do his thing for another week. 

We needed to point something out.  We are hooked on grabbing pics of jerseys at sporting events.  So with the Pirates out of town last week, a bunch of us headed to the opener and were surprised to see the collection of former Steelers QB jerseys on the backs of The Steeler Nation.

In a typical season, Heinz would be filled with Roethlisberger #7 jerseys, but things have changed in the City of Champions.  It’s a jersey addicts dream.  So here is the collection that we captured last week….feast your eyes.

Another Bradshaw jersey worn by a look alike, hell maybe it was The Blonde Bomber himself? It would explain why the mustacheoed bodyguard was pissed we got so close to his lip cabana with our lens....

We gotta think the cameraman thought this really was the insurance salesman himself (who else would rock an 8 at Heinz?) So if the camerman was thinking that it's not every day that a person can snap a picture of Tommy Maddox wearing his own autographed jersery, we can understand the shakiness of the photo. It's ok.

The ultimate back up QB in the history of back up QBs.

In case you somehow forgot, Mike Kruczek was the hero of the 1976 season.   It was his rookie season in the NFL and he led the Steelers to six straight victories after Bradshaw when down with an injury.  It was a record that stood until Big Ben smashed it in his 2004 meteoric rise to NFL stardom.

I must get a Kruczek jersey. 

[If you ever take a classic jersey pic, we would be happy to include it in one of our posts for you, send it over.  Apologies Pirates fans, it’s an addicition)

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