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Hippie Fest Might Get Freddy Sanchez Dancing Alone Again In San Francisco [VIDEO]

How happy is Freddy Sanchez?  He gets low after sending his team to the postseason  (his teammates watched the former NL Batting Champion dance by himself afterwards.) Now, the Giants are up a game on the Atlanta Braves.

Meanwhile, back in Pittsburgh….ahhh, nevermind. 

Go Giants!  Go Giants! Go Giants!  Go Freddy…Go Freddy…

In a game with ex-Buccos Sanchez and Eric Hinske, the NLDS was a hippie fest. Tim Lincecum was dominant. His Giants won the game 1-0 over Atlanta as Lincecum struck out 14 Braves, 12 of them swinging.  It was the second most of a pitcher making his playoff debut.  The two-time Cy Young winner allowed just two Braves hits. 

“….heh, we’re here”—Tim Lincecum, Giants ace

So, how did the ex-Bucs do in San Fran you ask? Hitless. Freddy did reach base.  Hinske pinch-hit and struckout in the 8th, Sanchez was officially 0-for-4, and left three Giants on base.  Who cares, he can dance.

The same team that handed out kazoo’s early this year handed out high fives all over the Bay.  There will be some wild fun in the city tonight!


Pirates killer Lance Berkman hit a bomb and a go-ahead RBI double as the Yanks won on their second straight night in Minnesota.  The Bronx Bombers rode the arm of Andy Pettite. Yeh the guy who couldn’t hold down the Altoona Curve a few weeks ago, got the victory as the Yanks took a commanding 2-0 lead over the Minnesota Twins. 

Andrew has the scoop at Yanks Go Yard.

Matt Capps made an appearance in the ninth inning allowing a run on two hits.  Pirates fans certainly don’t miss this….

The Rays are hot over a check swing call as Texas keeps on rolling.

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