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Did Eric Wedge Really Have A Choice?

Nothing about former Cleveland Indians manager Eric Wedge inspired us.  Obviously, the Seattle Mariners felt differently.  64 And Counting Blogger Vince Grzegorek felt differently too.  Many outlets are reporting that Wedge is the new skipper of the Mariners.  From that link a club spokesman had this to say:

“We will not be making an announcement today.  We hope to have something early next week.”

Pardon if this post is short, because tonight….we party.  

Wedge wasn’t the answer.  The Pirates are irrelevant enough.  Wedge would have done zip, zero, nothing to change that fact.  Wedge isn’t exciting.  Wouldn’t create excitement.  Won’t add ticket sales.

So why did Seattle pull the trigger?  No idea.  But, good luck with the Recycled Tribe Hire II. 

Aaron Boone thinks we are way off base. 

“I consider him a players manager, but he also has a presence, a toughness that allows him to keep the balance.”—Aaron Boone

It thrills my soul that Wedge did well in his interview.  Think about this, what choice did he have but to knock out that interview?  Say whatever you want, but Wedge is still a sub .500 manager, and  Bobby Valentine was his competition. 

Wedge, whose team blew a 3-1 lead to the Sox in 2007 and then turned on the sucktitude for two seasons, didn’t have a choice but to knock it out.  

Or the M’s went cheap.  Time will tell.  Speaking of time, now that the Bucs know who won’t be managing the Pirates, the question remains, who will?


We bet Wedge listened to Em before he went in the M’s office.  Thank God.

The Eric Wedge Facial Hair Gallery is here.

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