Pittsburgh Pirates 2nd Annual Halloween Party [Photos]

The Pittsburgh Pirates Halloween party seemed like a big hit.   We were impressed with several costumes and were lucky enough to get a few pics for you just like last year. 

The Pirates new manager was at the party.  Cool costume too.

We’re kind of afraid to put some of these pictures up, especially Neil Walker.  The Pittsburgh Kid kept driving by on his Harley screaming “PNC Park is my yard!”  I was too scared to ask him who he was supposed to be, so I took a guess.

I should have known after all he is “The Phenom.”

Joel Hanrahan was dressed as an electrician.  The chicks were all over him. That makes sense, the guy was always lights out.

Since he was buried all season, Charlie Morton as a Chilean miner made sense and was kind of funny too.  The fake chest hair was a little too much however.


Steve Pearce was dressed as Kurt Angle.

Jose Tabata had a facade he stood in front of all night. 

McCutchen decided to cling to the classics.  Nice choice.

This Pirates fan snuck into the party dressed as Russell Crowe.  His makeup was great, nailed that big thing between his eyebrows perfectly.


Jeff Banister was standing on the furniture when we got inside.  He was screaming at the top of his lungs:  “To be perfectly honest with you, everyone here is witnessing perfection!”  (Heh, the guy did have a hit in his only Major League at-bat… and apparently it’s a big deal to him.)

Someone told me that Evan Meek was in the costume below. 

We’re pretty sure this was Bob Nutting and Frank Coonelly, the President of the Pirates.  Nutting has the draft beer in the ‘Money you could be saving if you owned the Pirates costume’ and Coonelly has the fancy suit.  Nice to see Frank without the tie last night.  He really lets that beard grow in the offseason.

Our annual Halloween party will be Sunday October 31 at Deadman’s Paradise.  Be there.


The cool Invisible Man images are from DeviantArt

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