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Does Clint Hurdle Have Cold Feet?

There are only so many managerial jobs in MLB.  If reports are correct, Clint Hurdle wants to be sure there are absolutely no other opportunities before he makes a move with our beloved Pirates.  The report could be entirely false. 

My take?    He isn’t in love with the Pirates job.  How could he be?  It will require some hard work.  Some sweat.  Some humble pie. 

The NY Post have a source in their recent article on the Mets managerial interviews.  Hurdle wants to know if the Mets want to interview him before he makes a decision on the Pirates manager job.   The Mets new GM Sandy Alderson is expected to interview 10-12 candidates.

If Clint Hurdle didn’t feel ”it” when he was interviewing with the Pirates, that feeling, that the Pirates job is “it,” won’t magically appear overnight. 

It is only natural to be greedy, right?  It’s natural to chase the big payday rather than the big problem.  It is only the right thing to do for a big league manager to want to go to the easier gig.  Who wants to fix the mess in Pittsburgh?   Maybe the Pirates are paying more than the Mets, but it still doesn’t matter, the Mets are able to be fixed quicker, with less hands on work, with more resources.

Well, if it were my name on the bottom of that Pirates payroll check, I would want the guy that isn’t worried about any other jobs. 

A guy that has the balls to fix my problem.  The right guy would feel that when he walked through the door.  The right guy wants to be paid, but isn’t crazy about the current payday, the right guy knows his payday is coming….just as soon as he starts turning the ship around.  That’s the guy the Pirates should want. 

Trust your heart Clint Hurdle.  

Trust your heart Bob, Frank, Neal….


An interview with Hurdle on ESPN NY was posted this afternoon.  The article states he has humor and intelligence.  Perhaps the Comedy Store is looking for talent?

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