Latimore Continues To Rip In ABL, Will It Be Enough?

To say Quincy Latimore is feasting for the Adelaide Bite is an understatement.  The exciting offense first  Australian Baseball League is a perfect fit for Latimore.  The book on Latimore has always hyped his powerful bat, especially for his compact frame.  He certainly is showing that in Australia.

Latimore leads the league with 35 total bases, four homers and 13 RBI in just 43 at-bats.  He is second with  a ridiculous 1.249OPS and .814 SLG. 

A scouting report on still brings back some memories for us.  How right on the money was this?

Quincy Latimore can play. Quincy is a 5-10/175, (2007) OF from Apex, NC with 7.02 sxity speed and 4.27 home the first base tiime. We really liked his approach to the game. He has a great attitude and wants it bad. A top level player with pop in his bat and advanced hand strength for his age. A right handed hitter who can hit the ball on every swing. His look at the plate is very much like a seasoned pro player. He never gets out of shape in the box and hits the ball deep in the zone. He has a coiling load and quick to the ball. He can start late with hand strength and bat speed to get too any ball. Quincy likes the ball in and he can rip it. He really put on a show in batting practice and drilled the ball all over the park. In the outfield he is rehabing an arm injury so his throws where just to let every one see his actions and release. He is smooth and athletic. Quincy was named to the Top Prospect game and will be on many college and pro follow lists. He is also a good student.

We also wonder if that old arm injury led to this more recent report from Anup at Bucs Prospects ?

Latimore can hit despite his small stature (5’10”, 180 lbs), but he’s a well below-average thrower who will at best have average corner outfield range.  He’ll hit at the big league level, but will he be a plus hitter to the point where he could play every day?  Latimore is just 21, but it’s hard for me to project his bat getting that much better.

Latimore improved his outfield defense while playing for Bradenton this season.  But questions remain surrounding Latimore.  Many feel his lack of plate discipline will hurt him if he starts this season in Altoona.   We would love to find out.  If you’re into minor league numbers, Latimore put ‘em up for the Marauders. 

We stayed up last night to watch the game, but the Thanksgiving turkey got the best of us and we only saw him rip one pitch.  In looking over his minor league stats, he certainly isn’t afraid to swing the bat and nothing has changed in that regard this November in the ABL.    Q has no walks in the past nine games after getting two in the opener while striking out nine times. 

Still, watching Latimore play is exciting.  Obviously he has things he needs to improve.  Most young players do.  But we stick to the old adage, if he continues to hit, a spot in a lineup will follow.  Pirates bench coach  Jeff Banister is on the record as liking his skills, but why hasn’t the development team concentrated more on improving his fundamentals?  Certainly his 136 strikeouts in 518 at-bats screams for discipline.   We’re curious what’s up with his approach?  Maybe it’s all those breaking balls?  Or perhaps a lack of preparation?  Maybe he simply loves swinging at balls out of the zone? 

We don’t have enough information to base a conclusion, but it would be fun to watch if he were a little closer.  If you know what we’re saying…

Down in Australia, it’s obvious the Bite fans are behind Q all the way.  In fact, the Bite website has claimed Q as their own.  It’s fun to see a Pirates player capture the hearts of die hard baseball fans. 

So the bottom line is this.  Are all of these power numbers from Q enough for him to roam left field for Altoona in 2011?   If it is, you can bet your ass we’re looking forward to making that drive up to Toona town to see Q in those new Curve unis first hand. 

Check out the backdrop on the ABL in this video including the possible expansion of the league which is being bankrolled by MLB.

You might have seen the ABL commercial, if not, check it out. Baseball Is Back!

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