RumBunter Lands New Writer Jesse Behr

Pirates fans, we are thrilled to introduce a new writer to Team RumBunter.  I am pleased to introduce Jesse Behr who will grace us with his baseball mastery and wisdom in a weekly column.  As you know, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality, content and the overall social community of RumBunter.  Having Jesse Behr on the roster is another major step in achieving this goal.

Unlike Smitty, Jesse doesn’t wear a lucha mask.  Behr has accomplished much in his life and if you aren’t familar with his name or his work allow us to take a moment to explain his background and elaborate why we felt it was a match for us, the readers and the network.

Most of you are familar with Baseball Prospectus (BP) as we have used their analysis in evaluating and making our opinion on the Pittsburgh Pirates.   BP has a staff of regular columnists and provides in depth statistics on both players and teams.  In our opinion their best work is in baseball and they are also advancing quickly in the NHL as well as the NBA. 

We knew to grow RumBunter it would be important to add other knowledgable viewpoints.  We will continue to look for talented people to assist in our efforts and will continue to recruit only the best to our team.  (Did that sound like Neal Huntington?)   

Most of you know the Pirates utilize several advanced tools in their player development system and have created a custom player database.  If not, check out the article at the bottom of this post.  Dan Fox is the brains of this for the Pirates.  He has a BP background as well.  We felt it would be beneficial as Pirates fans to gain a deeper knowledge of what the Pirates are thinking when they make moves and that is where  Jesse comes into the plan. 

Behr is an expert in roster management and each week will give us his deeply rooted opinion on the team he loves.  We are excited to have such an ambitious talent on our team and trust you will give him a warm welcome.

Behr is the Executive Assistant of Prospectus Entertainment Ventures and handles various duties such as marketing and promotions for Prospectus.  He writes for the Baseball Prospectus blog series,  Analyze This and also does numerous other editorial pieces for the site. 

He was an intern at in June of 2010, helping with article editing and stat research that many of us enjoyed.   Behr built the official Baseball Prospectus Facebook page,  which he administers and keeps updated.  He’s also a contributing writer at Beantown Banter with his own column The Wild, Wild [Delonte] West.  

Prior to joining BP, Behr was the creator and founder of “The ‘Burgh Blues,” a dominant MLB blog that documented the travesties and travails of the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Burgh Blues was named Best MLBlog in 2009, here is the link to his championship run.

In his spare time, Behr is majoring in Sport Management at Syracuse University.  You will discover Jesse’s first post on the Pirates interest in starting pitching on RumBunter within the next 24 hours. 

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