Just one of the cool Boys & Girls Club programs for kids.

Site5 and FanSided Will Make You Feel Like a G6, Here's How

This is Fansided and Site5’s first Holiday Charity Drive, and we’re glad to be a part of it.  Stop.  I know what you’re thinking, how is this going to make me feel like a G6 this holiday? Hang tight… 

Site5 is our partner in hosting this site.  Site5 has a massive support network of complicated computer…stuff . It makes this site work.  Did you ever notice RumBunter is never down?  Never slow to load…unless we OD on Photoshop.   The bottom line is this:  Site5 makes you feel better by doing all the cool things a hosting company should do–they get us our sports fix.  Fast.

So check this out.  We’re helping the Boys & Girls Club, a sports-related philanthropic cause.  Why should you help boys and girls?  You have enough things going on right? 

Well, it’s because they do good things for kids.  The Boys & Girls Club uses sports to make a difference– it’s fun with a purpose.  If you check out the work they do, it will impress even the most skeptical Pittsburgh Pirates fan. 

So how about this, click the link and give just a few bucks.  No major donation is needed.  Give what you can afford.  You instantly feel like a G6 and didn’t need to take a sip of anything this holiday to feel fly.  You will help kids all over the country.  Go. Do it.  RumBunter loves when you feel like a G6. 


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