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10 Steelers Jets Pics Including Picked Up Penalty Flag On Jets Opening TD Return

Slip? Trip? Pushed? Wedge? You decide

The Pittsburgh Steelers dropped a hard fought game to the New York Jets last night at Heinz Field. The bottom line was the Steelers didn’t make enough big plays, nor did they play well in technically. The one play that people will be talking about is the safety in the end zone.

What pissed us off was Antwaan Randle El was set to field the punt one play prior to the safety happening. He totally gave up on the punt.

We wanted to see a fair catch signal go up.  Followed by an acting job as he moves out of the way letting the ball take a bounce that would have hopefully went into the end zone.  Would it have worked?  Maybe not, but the alternative didn’t work either.   There is no way that El should have simply given up on the punt. 

The Jets actually were able to CATCH THE PUNT.  Setting up the Steelers at the four yard line. It was an awful decision that put the Steelers in horrible field position. Meanwhile, the Jets special teams played insanely well which we felt proved to be the major difference in the game.

Enjoy our very amateur photo work.

The opening kickoff of the Jets Steelers game was pivotal

Sushi hit a nice keep....keep an eye on the lanes.

Look at that lane! A penalty flag will appear on the field near the fifteen/twenty yard line

Smith is gone.


The Steelers defense is coming onto the field as the zebra heads toward the flag...

In a slight of hand that would even impress the great David Blaine, the penalty flag is gone. Abra-freaking- cadabra!

Ben Roethlisberger delivers a strike to #88 Emmanuel Sanders

Sanders with a Swann-esque catch

We wanted to get more pictures up for you, but we got back late and by the time you read this we are in Baltimore. Catch up to everyone soon. Thank you for stopping by, follow us on Twitter for all the action.

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