Revenue Sharing Check Will Be Down For Have Not Pittsburgh Pirates


Maury Brown of The Biz of Baseball has the scoop.  He typically does.   When the Pirates look at the revenue sharing check for 2010, it appears that it will be less than 2009 although revenues were up in 2010. 

Brown reports that the amount of cash moving from the top producers like the Bronx Bombers and Red Sox to teams like the lowly Pirates, A’s, and Padres will total $404 million for 2010.  Last years number was $433 million.

“The amount of money per club that was transferred from those that pulled in high revenues to those that needed assistance was not divulged.”—Maury Brown

While no specific number is shared, the decline in revenue sharing is explained well by Brown.  It goes like this, while total top line revenue increased to $6.6 billion in 2009 to $7 billion for 2010 some of the teams paying saw their net local revenues increase at a lower rate than the payees.  We’re sure that makes those teams thrilled as the revenue sharing dollars are made up of a percentage of the NET local revenues each year.

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