Rocco DeMaro Talks With Kevin Goldstein About Pirates, His Firing, Memories

Rocco DeMaro went on the Kevin Goldstein podcast to talk about losing his gig as the host of Pirates Extra Innings.   It’s the first Roc has spoken to the public on the subject and it’s quite revealing and worth a listen.

KG was a frequent guest on Extra Innings and he shares on the show that he would tune in from his home to listen to Rocco’s show after Pirates games.  In the discussion, Rocco shared that the ratings for the show were growing larger than the Pirates game by as much as two points.  

Rocco called the firing an ambush.  As he did so well on his radio show, Rocco makes an uncomfortable situation quite amusing.  But this time he is talking about his own life, not the Pittsburgh Pirates.

DeMaro gets very passionate when talking about the show as well.   He speculates about Greg Linelli being the replacement.   After the firing got public, Rocco did get a call from Pirates GM Neal Huntington who told Rocco he would speak on Rocco’s behalf when a job opportunity opens up. 

One of the reasons Rocco stated for his dismissal was the business of advertising in Pittsburgh–most companies are selecting Pens and Steelers over the Pirates.   The salespeople at the station should be ashamed for not being able to show advertisers the target market for Rocco.  It’s all such a joke on so many levels. 

March 9, 2011 will be the end of Rocco’s non-compete clause.  Radio stations out there, baseball teams out there,….Rocco is a huge free agent.   Do yourself a favor.

Listen for yourself.  It pissed me off after everything settled in, so be warned.  Here is the link.

If you would like to fast forward here are the times and my favorite parts from Goldsteins’ podcast episode 31 agenda:

1:02:18 The process of compiling the Top 101 prospects list

1:12:16 Bert Blyleven and the HOF: A Rant

1:26:42 Special Guest: Rocco DeMaro on the ruthless world of baseball on the radio

  • The end of the best post-game show on the radio
  • How the Pirates fit into the Pittsburgh sports market on a business level
  • It’s not easy covering the Pirates
  • Already missing the show
  • Looking for a job and how contracts suck
  • Memories of 1992
  • Getting through the pain with Suikoden III

1:48:38 Music Guest: Girlfriends

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