Matt Diaz will be a big part of the 2011 Pittsburgh Pirates.

2011 Pirates: In With The New

2011 will be much better for Pittsburgh Pirates fans. Right?

The Pittsburgh Pirates 2011 roster will have another new look.

Take a look at the number of former Pittsburgh Pirates. Most of us won’t miss too many of these guys.


The sound of Pedro’s bat is just a few months away. Just how well the Pirates perform in 2011 could in large part depend on how quickly Pedro Alvarez turns on the power. The Bucs will have wrapped up a series against the Cubs, Cards, Rockies, Brewers and Reds all before April 19. Hit early. Hit often.

Charlie Morton was a relative bargain

The pitching staff will once again have the attention of Pirates fans, we will be watching Charlie Morton more than anyone. We also plan on keeping an eye on Kevin Hart. Stop laughing. The guy has some stuff.

Was it the 2010 any Pirates fan imagined?  Probably not.  Only a few fans saw the bottom falling out in 2010.  Now it’s time to start the countdown.  Happy New Year.  


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