Derrek Lee recently signed with the Baltimore Orioles.

Why Did Pirates Pass On Derrek Lee?

Pirates President Frank Coonelly held a chat over at the Pirates site today.  There was nothing earth shattering that came out of it.  Yeh, I know you are shocked right? 

But one question stood out for us.  It was asked by chshint2121:

Why Overbay instead of Derrek Lee or Lance Berkman?—chsint2121

It’s a very good question.  We kicked it around on RumBunter a few months ago.  Check out Frank’s response.

When we looked at offensive, defensive and leadership qualities, we thought that Lyle Overbay provided us with the best overall package at first base.—Frank Coonelly

It was a cut and dry answer.  We went a lot deeper when our expert photoshop king and Cubs fan Kurt Evans wrote this funny and spot on article regarding Lee.  Check it out one more time.

We also put this together on Overbay detailing each one of his homers from 2010.  We also think his power could play well at PNC Park in targeted starts.  You might have missed during the holiday season:


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