Look for us in a customized Pirates motorized cart at PirateFest. Or maybe a pair of old crutches is more like it?

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Another day closer Pirates fans

Spring training starts in 38 days according to our unofficial count.  So call us diehards, but the Pirates minicamp that starts today couldn’t come at a better time. We are dying for a baseball fix. Don’t misconstrue our love for the Pirates.  At RumBunter we love all Pittsburgh sports, but baseball does it for us.  Even though Pirates baseball is about as enjoyable as a warm swig of Boones Farm, it still gives us a buzz.   And on most days, that will do just fine.     

We wanted to give each of you an update on what will be going on here at RumBunter in the first quarter of 2011. Some of you have heard about my recent health scare. Thank you from the bottom of my Pirates loving heart to those that passed along emails and texts. I love you guys. It’s a strange new world. I feel fine. However, my heart apparently does not.

Maybe it’s all the damn losing, maybe it’s just years of abusing the foreign enemies to our great country, maybe we were born with it.  No matter what is discovered, this week is shaping up to be hell.

Despite being an advocate of all things healthy, my week will be filled with numerous tests and diagnosis to determine what the hell is right or wrong.  And if all that goes well, guess what? My ACL and MCL will be rebuilt on Thursday which will allow me to be back on the softball diamond in about six months I am told.

No matter what happens this week you can count on two things. You will have Pirates photoshops, opinions, and badly written posts.  You can also count on us being at the Steelers Ravens game Saturday. It might be in a motorized cart, but count me in.  It’s always been a dream to blast the horn while wheeling one of those battery powered whips while in full lucha gear  munching on pain pills.   Or maybe I can do a Marshall University style Byron Leftwich entrance?  Nah, I am renting a whip.

We only ask that you stop back at RumBunter and check on all the hilarity and possible arrests for driving while medicated. 

Toward the end of the month we will have (some version) of our award winning coverage from PirateFest. 


We had approached the Bucs about organizing a bloggers row so that fans could interact with the outstanding Pirates bloggers.  The idea was shot down in flames.  Sooner or later it will happen.  We just trust that it is sooner.  Why the Bucs wouldn’t designate a few bloggers to try it out the concept is beyond me, but nevertheless we will be tweeting our asses off.  Since those of us bloggers from basements aren’t wanted inside, maybe we will setup a table, some couches and a few signs on the street outside the Convention Center?   Hope it’s sunny.

In February and early March we will provide coverage from Spring Training in Bradenton for all of you.   This is always a highlight and it provided one of our most popular posts. 


As soon as we receive our shipment, RumBunter will be conducting a massive giveaway of  thirty copies of  Tim Williams’ new book Pirates Prospects   from the blog by the same name.   Don’t miss out on your opportunity to snag a free copy of that hot book.   Think of it as Publisher’s Clearing House for RumBunter fans. 

In late March we plan on having completed a new series of videos along the lines of our viral hit Andrew McCutchen Bad Things.  We anticipate having some some humorous new feature concepts ready to roll as well.    We are dreaming about all of that writing being wrapped up and taping schedules being finalized, it’s just so damn tough to do.  By the time all of these initiatives are complete, opening day will be right around the corner.  It can’t come fast enough.

We also anticipate covering numerous minor league games including Bryce Harper’s anticipated* debut on April 15 in Hagerstown (if the Nats assign him to the Suns as expected.)

But for now, it’s Ravens week. It’s Pirates minicamp week.  It’s life.

And I live each day to the fullest, just like I said I would in the high school yearbook.

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