Sounds Like Sid: Dunlap Gets Jameson Taillon Interview

Could the Pirates have a star on the horizon in Jameson Taillon?

Everyone Pittsburgh Pirates fan has their fingers crossed that Jameson Taillon is what everyone thinks he is. Most people think that is becoming the future ace of the Pittsburgh Pirates.  But even more importantly than being an ace, Taillon can actually do something more important for the city of Pittsburgh.  Much more. 

The new Pirates beat writer, Colin Dunlap has been cranking content in Bradenton. Nobody wants to pay for coverage that was once free. I get it. But it’s too good to pass up.  It’s not like you buy a newspaper anymore. 

For as much as we tried to poke fun at the Post-Gazette and they deserve every bit of shit we can give them, the writers do what they are paid to do. Smizik spouts. People flock to that.

Dunlap seems like a digger. He pushes hard for a real answer. The man almost doesn’t let athletes give a canned response. I like it.  We don’t really have a choice in who covers the beat, but it’s apparent Dunlap is going to give his all. 

He has an interview with Jameson Taillon up on his PBC Blog. Check it out.  Dunlap was impressed with his maturity. It sounds more like boring.  Business like.  During the interview, Taillon talks about the person he has spoken the most with in the Pirates organization. It’s not who you think it is, but it makes some sense.

It’s getting closer.  If Taillon can show promise this summer, a city can start to see just what this draft and development is all about.  Some doubters will start to believe.  Some believers will start to become fundamentally fanatical.  And it’s been awhile that this town has been fanatical.  Well, about baseball that is. 

We enjoyed the interview.  It’s about seven minutes and hits on all topics. 

“No one is placing unreal expectations on me. They wouldn’t have picked me with the number two overall pick if they didn’t want me to help out sooner rather than later, but they want to…kinda..take the time to develop me right.”—–Jameson Taillon

We especially  enjoyed this quote from Taillon.  He says it at the end of the interview.  Just about the time we are thinking ok, this kid sounds Sidney Crosby, he said it. 

“I’m out here playing ball everyday, it doesn’t get any better than that.”

Yep.  He’s a baseball junkie.  Screw the 7am classes his buddies are going to, Taillon has bigger goals. 

Like helping a city get it’s first love back. 

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