Wyatt Toregas' Minors Career Hitting from Baseball Reference. Nothing stands out as being awful for Toregas, some of the numbers are even rather solid.

Wyatt Toregas Has Been Set Free

Wyatt Toregas has a few skills. How cool would this be if the cups were full of Gatorade? PHOTO: Columbus Dispatch

It all seems kind of hokie for the Virginia Tech Hokie. The 5’11” catcher hit well in the minors. He was an All-Star at some levels.

Wyatt Toregas was the 24th round selection back in 2004, but five years later he had never cracked the major league level. He had always been in the Indian’s organization and after some trades within the Indians organization in mid-season 2009, Toregas finally got the call on August 1, he was headed to the majors.

At the time Toregas was batting .284 in 60 games at AAA. He had shown little pop, but the consistent average was positive, along with those seven home runs and 29 RBI for Columbus.

In his first major league plate appearance, he had a hit.  Unfortunately, he only had eight other hits in 2009, one being a double in his 51 at-bats.  But he got his feet wet.  He caught 153 innings, threw out two base runners.  He was living the dream.

But what the hell went wrong? What the hell happened with the plug being pulled so quickly. Oh….this…from the Plain Dealer

Whatever it was, Toregas never saw many plate appearances in 2010. When he did, the numbers didn’t look very good either.  It all seems odd.  Toregas hit for respectable numbers for a catcher.   Was he that pissed off at not making the big league club that he tanked at the plate in 2010?  

He deserves a closer look and with some luck and effort, this could mean another solid catcher for AAA Indianapolis.  Hell, if Toregas can really get his shit together, the opportunity in Pittsburgh just might be an ideal one for the 28-year old from Virginia.  Chances are slim he gets to Pittsburgh.  But hell, look at what happened last season and look who is ahead of him on the Pirates roster.  Yeh, that’s hokie too.

Enough dreaming.  Come on Sanchez.

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