SPOILER ALERT: McCutchen Named MLB Networks Number One

Andrew McCutchen opened some eyes at the MLB Network

There aren’t too many times that the MLB Network surprises me.  Last night, they stopped me dead in my tracks.  I have been using a walking assistance tool (alright call it a cane) to get around the estate since ACL and MCL surgery laid me up. 

As I was hobbling into the kitchen, something didn’t look right on the television.  MLB Network had just named Andrew McCutchen the Number One Center Fielder Right Now.  

Bill Ripken and Dan Plesac were both siting in the studio.  Granted it was 3:50 AM so we wanted to be sure. We double checked, pulled out the Blackberry, fired a picture.  Heh, sure enough, it’s true.  When speaking at the conclusion of the program, it was interesting to hear the guys talk about Cutch.   

Dan Plesac wouldn’t commit to taking McCutchen  on his team, he brought up the health of other players on the list such as Ellsbury and Sizemore which allowed Cutch to earn the top ranking.    Ripper said he would take Torri Hunter if he had a contending team.  If Ripken had a team that was five or six years down the road, he would take McCutchen.

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