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Just How Good Was Andrew McCutchen?

Much has been written about how poor the Pittsburgh Pirates played in 2010.  FanGraphs takes a look at how Andrew McCutchen produced more Wins Above Replacement [WAR] than the entire Pittsburgh offense and defense, himself included.*

It’s an interesting look at production.  Two areas crushed the Pirates extended look behind the numbers.  First, the awful hitting by their pitching staff contributed to this rare feet of futility in 2010 and there is nothing that shows me this could improve in 2010.  We trust someone will shock the world in this regard, but with so much focus on improving on the mound, any improvement at the plate will be a surprise.

Second, the dismal Pirates defense crushed them in 2010.   Take a look at the worst offenders:

Doumit -15.3 fielding

McCutchen:  -14.4 fielding

Walker:  -10.7 fielding

Iwamura:  -8.6 fielding

Garrett Jones:  -7.6 fielding

Pedro Alvarez:  -6.2 fielding

Sure, the fielding statistic is sketchy, but it is what is.  So, the poll question for today is rather relevant in this regard because Cutch, Walker, Doumit, Jones, and Alvarez are all still on the roster and four of them should see some significant time in 2011.  Who will teach these players to become better defenders? 

We spoke to Neil Walker at the Caravan stop last night and he said he can’t wait to get to Spring Training.

“I am really excited to focus on one position heading into Spring Training.”  His eyes lit up as he said, “I am convinced spending time with Bill Mazeroski will make me better.”

We can see improvement coming from Walker, hell he had every glove imaginable in his locker last year, he caught, played first, and played the outfield while in Bradenton.    It only makes sense to believe that his defense will improve.  The others?  We still aren’t sold. 

 Pittsburgh Pirates 2010 WAR


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