Being a dick comes natural to Reds announcer Marty Brennaman

Pirates Fans We Have A New (Old) Enemy

 Sometimes it’s best to just keep your mouth shut.   Cincinnati Reds’ radio announcer Marty Brennaman never is able to do that.  [via Colin at PG]


There is nothing I like about the city of Cincinnati.   But nobody cares about that. 

It’s one thing for Pirates fans to be critical of our ballclub as we are living it, but we don’t need to know how this ass hat feels about the Bucs.  I could care less how respected this man is, he lost mine when he went on this rant during a baseball banquet at Marshall University.

“They’ve (Pirates) probably improved themselves, which means they’ll probably lose 97 games,” said Brennaman of the Pirates, who were 57-105 in 2010. “There’s no light at the end of the tunnel for that franchise. There really isn’t.

“I don’t think it has great ownership, I don’t think it has great baseball expertise in its front office, and is strapped for finances, which is probably the single biggest problem. I feel bad for them. PNC Park is one of the fine ballparks in Major League Baseball.”

Is what he says about Pirates ownership true?  Maybe it is.   Is calling out the front office true?  Maybe it is. 

Is calling the Marshall President ‘queer’ true?  No that’s just shocking and a paper said he should have  used better words than that…really?  Ya think?? But remember, Marty says what he wants.   

Telling 400 people how many games the Pirates team will lose is a smack in our face as Pirates fans.  Telling them he feels bad for us pisses me off to no end.  I trust I am not alone.

I also trust Clint Hurdle reads this quote before every Reds game for as long as he manages in Pittsburgh.  And I trust Marty reads the sign I will be holding too…

because we don’t need you to ever “feel bad” for us Marty.  See you soon

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  • Alan

    Wow, the truth really hurts. Dont shoot the messenger, ok buddy?

    • Tom Smith

      You obviously didn’t read all of his comments.

  • http://D45Z Chris

    Nothing Brennaman said was untrue. If you guys want a better baseball team that’s fine, but until that happens the Pirates will be the laughing stock not only of the NL Central, but all other MLB baseball teams. And oh yeah, I’m from Cincinnati, and don’t dislike Pittsburgh…but I do dislike fans who keep their heads buried in the sand rather than hear the cold hard truth. I’m sure it hurts to hear it over and over again…but if that’s so I’d vote with my feet and stop paying to go to Pirates games. Personally, I think it’s sad to see such a storied franchise down on it’s luck. One day it will turn around, but I have no idea when.

    • Tom Smith

      Nothing was untrue? Wow, care to give me the lottery number tonight?

  • pirates 46

    F uck you marty, F uck you Cincy and f uck you reds, i never hated the reds or cicny until now, i hope votto blows out his knee in spring training and chapmans arm falls off… ya the truth hurts sometimes but we dont need some do osh bag talking shit, i seem to rmember the reds sucking for along time before they finally turned it around and the bucs are following the same kinda model.

  • RedPanda

    So you bring up a recent interview he did, saying his points in that interview are likely true about Pirates’ ownership and front office. Then you bring up unrelated remarks he made about something else to fuel your hatred towards what he said about the Pirates? Doesn’t make sense. Also, while he certainly should not have used that word at Marshall, he did not say he was that term. He instead used it as an adjective to describe the president’s feelings toward a sport.

    • Tom Smith

      You must be his publicist. Cool to meet you.

  • Red points North

    Well, the truth hurts and Marty has never pulled punches. So what? You’re going to sit and b**** & moan about the Reds and their fans!? I’d be piceting the owners offices first if I was you.
    By the way, I live in Wisconsin, now. That must suck, too, huh?

    • Tom Smith

      Thanks Dad.

    • whiteAngus

      yes, living in wisconsin sucks too… >:P

      hey, you said it, not me.

  • whiteAngus

    amazing how Reds fans now think so highly of their team, since it took them forever to actually have a good season themselves…

    remember that the players you do have were either farm built like votto, stubbs, cueto- or aquired by trading old players with bad contracts.

    pssssst… thats what the Pirates management team, which has only been in office 3 years, have been doing.

    • Tom Smith

      Nice point whiteAngus, as awful as the Bucs have been, I believe the Reds have something like a plus eight win total over the Pirates in the past eight years.

  • matt

    ..speaking of lazy journalism.. Brennaman now falls into that category. he obviously knows nothing about the organization other than what is in front of his face.

  • Eugene Tober

    Buc fans are like a group of friends they can say anything that they want about the group. But an outsider is wise to keep his mouth shut. Or else the group is going to jump to the groups defense.

  • Eric’s Little Brother

    I like to think I have a different perspective on Marty Brennaman’s comments because I am a displaced Pittsburgher in Cincy. Everything he says falls exactly in line with anyone here in Cincinnati…they can’t handle the slightest bit of success. The entire city of Cincinnati (might as well say the entire state of Ohio), has a massive inferiority complex. The only way they can support their teams is by tearing down others’ teams. They are the kind of people who cheer when opposing teams’ player gets hurt (experienced that at the Steelers game here this year). Fans here are more interested in bashing and slandering about Pittsburgh than their own actual success. On another note, Bronson Arroyo likes men.

    • Tom Smith

      Damn that sucks…..not being Eric’s little brother, just the whole mess as you describe Cincinnati sports. I simply can’t fathom Bob Walk saying things like Brennaman said.

  • bigrossman

    You guys are missing the point, their is great value in Hall of shFame announcer Marty Brennaman’s quote. Only losing 97 games is something you haven’t achieved in two years. Losing 93 games is something you haven’t done in over six years. Keep up the optimism, you sound like a Bungals fan!


  • GeorgiaRed

    Talk about delusion! The Reds only have 8 more wins that the pirates in the last 8 years? They won 34 more than them in the ’10 season, 16 in ’09. That’s 50 alone in the last 2 years. They have beaten the Pirates EVERY year in the last 8 years by a minimum of 4. Keep running your mouth though, cause there’s nothing funnier than the class joke thinking he’s laughing with rather than being laughed at. Make sure you bring a sign with you Tom that says “Marty, we won 70 games…… the ’04 season, so stop picking on us”

    • Tom Smith

      Nobody’s laughing here GeorgiaRed. It’s nice to see your love for your team but as embarassing as it is for the Reds….the team hasn’t beaten the Bucs in head to head competition every year in the past eight years, the Reds are damn solid but they can’t rewrite history.

  • Gary

    The pirates have been awful for over a decade and a half….almost 2 decades now. They deserve to be mocked and belittled for they buffoonery that goes on in that front office. They can’t produce players, when they do they leave…..Pittsburgh baseball is a joke!

    • Tom Smith

      Buffoonery is my word of the day. Thank you Gary.

    • Gary

      I am a Reds fan, but a fan of good baseball first. And it really is sad to see the state of Pirates baseball. The team that Roberto Clemente played for should have more respect for itself then let this go on for this long. And I may be a Reds fan, but when the Pirates get to St. Louis and Milwaukee…Go Buc’s!

  • tretrov


  • tretrov

    Well your ability in math is about as good as your ability in telling the truth. The reds have won 89 more games than the bucs in the last 10 years. The only year the bucs finished ahead of the reds in that time was in 2003.

    Truthfully, both franchises have been horrible over the past 15 years (until last year), however, the moribund Pirates have no clue how to turn in around. Your owner/front office/player have no clue how to win. So keep telling lies about the stats. I hope that makes you feel better. Maybe you should find other things to lie about since they are so easily verifiable? At any rate, look on the positive side, only 180 until training camp opens. At least you have the Steelers right?

    • Tom Smith

      Hilarious. My math ability is fine. You’re reading ability, not so good. I know it must be difficult trying to comprehend what straight up competiton means over the past eight years, but I don’t want that to interfere with your ability to call us liars because it all seems so complicated to you. It’s easier just to act like you thought we were talking about total wins. Sorry, we’re not that stupid in Pittsburgh.
      If the Reds are such a dominant franchise why haven’t they been able to win more than one or two games per season when you look at the head to head records over the past eight years? Why? Because the Reds were pretty awful as well. It’s nice to see the success went to everyone’s heads.
      But heh, like you said at least we have the Steelers. And a hockey team. And a college hoop team consistently in the top ten…better stop there, I’m starting to sound like you.

  • derek

    What is sad is that adult human beings spend this much time on comments made about a baseball team. Just take your ball and go home so mommy can kiss it and make it all better.

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  • The Angry Fan

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