The first Pittsburgh Pirates game is just nine days away...

Pittsburgh Pirates Spring Training Day Four Notes


Clint Hurdle has had the club working on slug bunting.  Hell,  just the idea of the concept working on a form of bunting is impressive.  Now can they continue to improve on the skill during the season because I think everyone knows our love of bunting at RumBUNTER….

Hurdle also spoke about having his “best hitter” bat third.  Ugh.  Not a big fan of this idea, but to read more, Rob covered the story in this post.

Andrew McCutchen is working on some refinements in his running game with new first-base coach Luis Silverio.    You remember Silverio spent 35 years with the Royals organization.   We found this in an article on the Runnin’ Royals.


1.3 — Average time for a pitch, from start of pitcher’s motion to ball hitting catcher’s glove

2.0 — average time for a catcher’s throw to second, from time ball hits glove to his throw arriving at second.

3.3 to 3.4 — approximate time for a fast baserunner with 10 to 12 foot lead to go from first to a sliding stop at second

Obviously, the baserunner needs some things to work to his advantage to tip the scales in his favor. A pitcher taking longer to deliver the ball. A pitch located low, or on the inside part of the plate to delay the catcher’s throw. A throw to second that’s not placed perfectly.

Scott Olsen was pulled from the practice field today when reports said he tweeked a hamstring.  Tim Potvak had this quote from Olsen. 

“A little cramp, I think. I’ve got to keep hydrated.’’  Olsen

Players not yet in camp are Ronny Cedeno and Brian Friday while Jose Ascanio still battles the dreaded Visa problems in Venezuela.  Cedeno and Ascanio are expected to arrive tonight and Friday will arrive of course on Friday.

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