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Pittsburgh Pirates Pedro Alvarez In Pure, Slow Motion Glory

The questions about Pedro Alvarez are back. Trib writer Rob Biertempfel is the first writer to address it this week when he says that Alvarez ‘clearly looks bulkier than he did as a rookie last season.’

The questions began for Alvarez in 2009 during minicamp. It ended with him at one of the best facilities on the planet, working his ass off all winter.  The concerns about his weight returned this year prior to PirateFest. 

We felt it wasn’t immediately snubbed.  Management tried with some various forms of sentence usage, but there was nothing definitive.  A lot of talk about the report not being accurate or use of words like being big boned.   Hell, if I was big boned I don’t think I would like to be reminded of it, especially if I was the stud of the organization.  But that’s me, I guess I have fragile feelings.

Why not just say this:   Pedro Alvarez is a stud.  Period.  We expect big things from Pedro.  Was it because the Bucs didn’t really know how much Pedro weighed as he was working out at Vanderbilt?   We hope not.   Surely someone checked in on the stud of the franchise this offseason right?  Maybe they found out too late?  Ok, enough with the rabid speculation on my part.  Let’s leave that to the beat reporter experts.

The one thing the current front office hasn’t had is a talent like Alvarez they drafted, developed, and brought to the big leagues.   One would like to think they will be able to keep an eye on their biggest star especially if they had these concerns a long time ago.  One would think the Pirates brass would address concerns that could be mentally troubling to their star player in private rather than on bathroom walls where assholes like me can etch anything we want about it.

But regardless, it’s going to be fun to watch it all shake out.  Now where is that number of the hot chick that likes to….


The link below has the slow motion video of Alvarez and also a quote from GM Neal Huntington about Alvarezs’ genes. You gotta check it out.

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