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Pittsburgh Pirates shortstop Ronny Cedeno reportedly has a new clothing line.

Ronny Cedeno arrived in camp and the storys about him started rolling out. We talked about Cedeno improving under Hurdle’s Commandments in the post below,


Here is a peek from the article above….

This winter Cedeno walked just once in 138 at-bats. Last season Cedeno earned just 23 walks in 468 at-bats. Cedeno had 502 plate appearances in 2010, he recorded 102 fly outs, but only had two sacrifice flies.

It’s hard to believe those numbers. But look at Cedeno’s career: in 1855 professional plate appearances for the Cubs, Mariners, and Pirates, Ronny Cedeno has walked 85 times, has six sacrifice flies and has seen 6777 pitches (3.65 pitches per plate appearance or HALF of what Clint wants in an at-bat.) Gulp.

From the Trib:

Cool video from Rob Biertempfel on Cedeno including Hurdle talking about the decision Cedeno made ‘all by himself’ to give up number 13…

From Pirate City:

JAL uploaded a great video with all of Drews pics yesterday  including Jameson Taillon, Luis Heredia, and Stetson Allie. Make sure you check it out, he even got the logo trash cans!@  Talk about detail…

 From PG+

Anthony Rendon told Dejan Kovacevic of the PG that Scott Boras is acting as an adviser.  Pay.  Up.


The Pirates slick new marketing is starting to hit. I like it. This link we let you check it out and personalize it for yourself. 

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The Marlins new virtual stadium looks pretty cool.

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