The State College of Florida is fired up for Friday's matchup

Pittsburgh Pirates Owner Expects Domination Of Hated Manatees

The showdown between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the College with perhaps the longest name in the history of higher education, The State College of Florida Manatee-Sarasota, is still three days away, but already the hype is building in Florida.

The telephone poles are littered with flyers promoting the game and confidence is high.  We heard from “a source” that the big pep talk yesterday by Bob Nutting included an interesting comment.

“If we $#@$$#@$ lose to these @@%$$%#$%#@ kids again this $#$$%%, I $#@#$$% swear to each of you, there will be no *&(&(&&%%$###@# paychecks for a (*&&%$###$@@@@ month. [RumBunter is a PG site so the expletives have been removed]

We can’t confirm or deny that the comment was made, well actually it wasn’t.  We are just trying to stay loose, shake the butterflies if you will, as fans prepare for the showdown on Friday.  Do the Pirates have reason for concern? 

The 2009 team that defeated the Pirates in the Miracle on Grass wasn’t this talented. 

The State College of Florida Manatees made it to the JUCO World Series in Colorado last season and despite losing some key members of that team, the ballclub is still talented.  The Manatees are currently five games above. 500 with an 11-6 record headed into their game today. It’s a classic trap game for SCF who will probably be looking past Indian River State College, to gain revenge against the Pirates. 

Buckle up Bucco fans, the first real test is less than 72 hours away…

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In case you forgot, our favorite Miracle on Grass articles are here for you, back in 2009 when the Manatees were the Lancers, and Jose Tabata was married to a baby thief:


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