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Six Rings Among Alumni Instructors Impressive

Pivot Walker-son

We have wondered about something for a few years.

Nothing big, just a thought that came to us at Spring Training a few years ago. I was curious just how the experienced, championship winning players of Pirates history could relate to the current Pirates players.

How could they connect? Looking at this year, Neil Walker has been upfront in his comments. Event stating how much he was looking forward to working with Bill Mazeroski. But that aside, it certainly can’t be easy for most of them.  Another interesting thought we had was with Clint Hurdle and Jeff Banister now running the ship, how do they utilize such talented, championship winning players without giving the impression of releasing the wheel? 

Are the alumni instructors like Teke, Virdon, Maz and Sanguillen a little passive in certain situations?   It can’t be easy for men who have won six championships to take a back seat to anyone, especially on the baseball diamond.

Rob Biertempfel grabs some interesting scoop on this subject.

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