Video: Pirates Pitching Coach Ray Searage Prays To The Baseball Gods

A couple of things about the Pittsburgh Pirates pitching coach Ray Searage that you didn’t know until you read the next paragraph.   

Number one:  Searage is left handed.

Number two:  Searage uses a cool ass old-school pen that your Dad used to write freaky love letters to your Mom with back in the day.   (Don’t act like you haven’t seen one of these old school BICS)

Number three:  He fears the baseball Gods. 

We.  Are. Not.  Alone.

Stop trying to google old school BIC pens.  You. Big. Freaking. Dork. Watch the damn video first.

From what we have gathered on the no access beat, Searage wants Pittsburgh Pirates left hander Paul Maholm to throw his change up more in 2011.  Wonder what color Searage uses to track that ? We got our money on green.

Have a great day today.  We know you’re just dying to go get a Searage pen….ok, here.   We officially wave the white flag.


Now for the bad news Paul….


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